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Success Stories

Mary Granneman, Des Moines IA

Elite Edge offered a special to try their five week full body Boot Camp on LivingSocial. My workout buddy wanted to "kick it up a notch" so we signed up. As "over 60″ chicks, who worked out every day at a health club, this was a killer for us in the beginning, but we loved Aaron and quickly could see the results we were getting through the boot camp.

Our energy, our flexibility, our coordination, our endurance, all increased. Then we added two days a week of kickboxing, something we NEVER had attempted. Another level of coordination, and stamina required. We are LOVING working out at Elite Edge every day. The instructors are great, the workouts are great, and we feel GREAT!!

Thank you for showing us that you are only as old as you feel, and we certainly don't feel old!!!

Dave Pfiffner, Des Moines IA

I have been coming to the "boot camp" since early September. My initial goal was to hit some very specific weight and body fat targets in 6 weeks time. I can say that the results were very positive and that I have continued beyond that first 6 weeks because I am feeling good and looking better. The lean body boot camp has helped me in so many ways since starting….weight loss, plus more strength and stamina to boot. The workouts are perfectly balanced to meet the goals you have!!

When Aaron says he's going to lean you out…he does mean it!! Kudos to all the staff at Elite Edge; many thanks for your help not only for the work outs (they're great), but also with diet planning, etc. which are so important when trying to lose weight. I would highly recommend you all check Elite Edge if you are serious about your fitness and weight-los

Andrea Alba, Des Moines, IA

I totally recommend the Lean Body Boot Camp. I thought I was in decent shape until I started this class.Now I know I am far from it. It is very challenging which means it's working. We did the kick boxing portion and some other stuff today and I was huffing and puffing for sure!! All you fellow moms out there should check it out

Woody Hancock, Des Moines IA

The Lean Body Boot Camp may be one of the best things to ever happen to me (aside from my wife and kids etc.). My wife signed us up without my knowledge and while I was reluctant at first since I love to be lazy, I decided I don't like the way I feel more than I like to be lazy.I wanted to run up the stairs without gasping for breath, I wanted to chase my kids and play and not be dying after 5 minutes of fun. I wanted to be able to hold my own at activities working with the youth at my church.

There is nothing more sad than a middle age man rolling over and crying every time he has to do some physical activity. I used to be in great shape. I ran the Dam – to – Dam ½ marathon in 2007 while also playing on an outdoor soccer league but had not done anything since then except eat and was about 60 lbs. overweight. Enter Lean Body Boot Camp. The trainers are phenomenal. They are energetic and fun to be around and make exercising enjoyable.The workouts are killers but in a great way. I'll be honest, I threw up 3 times the first day as my body tried to rebel against me.

However, going back all the other days helped me lose 20 lbs. and 14% body fat in 6 weeks.It was amazing! The workouts are different and challenging every day, which for me, really helps to not get bored or stuck in a rut. Now, not only can I catch my kids and run down the youth, I have more energy for everything life throws at me. The diet plan that they give you is easy to follow and since I don't "diet" per say, the plan has really helped me to change from eating junk to eating great food that is also good for me. The diet plan also made it so was never hungry.

Joe, Aaron, and Clint really know their stuff (I'm sure all the others do also I just haven't worked with them). They help you work hard and encourage you to reach your goals. They genuinely want everyone to be healthier and happier and it shows in all they do. I recommend this program to everyone and I am really glad my wife found it and signed us up.Do yourself a favor and come to LBBC. This is the program that will help you to be successful in achieving a healthy lifestyle and great shape. I hope to see you there!

Carrie Christensen, Waukee IA

"I joined Lean Body Boot Camp mid-August 2011. Prior to this I had tried and completed many other local fitness programs in the area. Elite Edge is far superior to all others!! I get up every morning EXCITED to attend class and push myself a tad further than I did the day before! I was a bit apprehensive on my first day…I wondered if the classes would be too large or if the attitude of others would be more about "looking good" while working out rather than getting a good work out. Neither concern was warranted.

I was thrilled to experience a knowledgeable staff committed to motivating me to get the best work out possible while concentrating on form & technique. Their encouragement and support is awesome!! The staff has been always willing to answer all questions & assist in meal planning.I have lost about 6 pounds and 5% body fat since I joined which has given me new confidence as a 42 year old mother & wife. I am following a much healthier meal plan & providing healthier options for my family. I feel, overall, I have become a more positive role model.My teenage boys have complimented me on what I have accomplished so far, my husband is proud of me…and this is just the beginning!!"

Thank you Elite Edge!!

Jane B. – Des Moines IA

I took a chance and joined Elite Edge about 2 months ago. I am in my 50s, over weight and way out of shape. The trainers that I have worked with have treated me with respect, kindness wrapped in steel and some humor.I am not sure how many inches I have lost (forgot to pre-measure) but my clothes are fitting looser, have lost a few pounds, at least 2% body fat and gained so much more. I am moving better, have more energy during the day and know that my strength and endurance have improved . Everyone in class is there to work but we have fun doing it. The trainers work very hard to keep things interesting and varied.There is never a boring or dull moment. I plan on continuing and working toward my goals of better health and a better body. Thanks to you all"

Susan Johnson, Des Moines IA

I signed up for the Elite Edge 5 week boot camp with the purpose of toning and lowering my body fat. I have always felt like I never had time to exercise and thought only "fit" people worked out. Well, after several months, I am still attending classes. Why? First and foremost… it is fun, satisfying and now a part of my daily routine. The trainers know my ability and push me for the maximum workout, even though I am one of the oldest ones there! They care! You get out of the class what you put in.

I have lost 15 pounds and 9% body fat, but have gained personal wellness and confidence. The days I am unable attend the boot camp.. I feel like something in my day is missing. I just donated 6 bags of clothes to charity because they are now too big! My energy level is up, my alertness level is up and best of all, my daughter joined with me which is a great way to bond with my teenager

Thanks Elite Edge!

Peggy Sue Yoerger, Des Moines IA

"I am sure that you hear the same thing over & over again when someone writes about how LBBC has helped their life. So I decided to write a litte poem instead…Lean Body Boot Camp, you're #1 You're giving me back my abs, tight butt & my "guns" Bring on the jump rope, kettle bells & kickboxing It's time to work out, there's no time for talking You have but one life to live there's only one you So wake up & stop procrastinating.

You know what to do Find your way to Elite Edge So that you can feel better You're no longer out of shape And can fit in your sweater You soon won't be disappointed When you look in the mirror The person that you once were It's all looking clearer The time is right now I do this for me Lean Body Boot Camp Thank you for setting me free

Michelle Spencer, Waukee IA

I had a great workout this morning with Aaron. I really enjoy Elite Edge and all of you! It truly is the first time I've had so much encouragement and been told to "please come back tomorrow". Others don't care much once they have your money.I enjoy you guys and the relationship you build with your clients! Relationships are the key to success in business and life.I tell everyone how much I love Elite Edge

Thank you!!!